Consulting New Build Bangkok Thailand
Consulting New Build Bangkok Thailand

A marine consultant gives expert advice and technical guidance to vessel owners or builders during construction, repair, maintenance or refit. In Thailand this work gets to a whole other level because of the language barrier and cultural differences.


Phuket is a great place to refit or repair your yacht but what starts as a simple “project-in-paradise” can turn into “hell-on-earth” if you do not speak the language or cannot find the right craftsman for the job.


This is where Waterborne Expeditions comes in. We speak the local language, even the local slang that is so commonly used around boat yards, we have the necessary contacts and we know where to source the materials you need.


Almost twenty years of managing businesses in Thailand & Indonesia while building, repairing and operating a variety of boats have taught us (almost) everything there is to know about getting things done in local boatyards and marinas. On time and within budget.

Marine Consulting New Build Shipyard Phuket Thailand

From inception to launch, we work with you to ensure your new vessel is safe, well engineered and built to international standards. This service includes assistance in all aspects of the building process: Writing General Specifications, discussing vessel layout and General Arrangement, selecting boatyard and builder, sourcing and purchasing materials, quality control, vessel registration, launch and sea trials.

Cost overruns and missed deadlines affect most projects in this part of the world. Getting expert advice right from the start reduces the headache factor and saves money. We assist you with all aspects of the project: selecting the boatyard, sourcing and purchasing materials and spare parts, finding expert craftsmen, mechanics and technicians and –most importantly- quality control and time management.

Marine Consulting on Maintenance Re-fit Phuket Thailand
Marine Consulting on Commercial Charter Operations

Whether you operate a single charter vessel or an entire fleet, commercial operations offer the opportunity of making – or losing – large sums of money. Effective management of all aspects of the business is the key to success. With nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in operating commercial vessels, we offer detailed and practical advice on all aspects of your operation: Vessel maintenance and repairs, crew training and scheduling, international safety standards, customer satisfaction programs, marketing and accounting.


IMO Certification

Operating commercial vessels on international voyages requires a large number of International Maritime Organization (IMO) certificates. One of these is the Safety Management Certificate (SMC) based on the International Safety Management (ISM) protocol. The International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) certificate requires training for shipboard as well as back office personnel. Other requirements for IMO listing include the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate and upgrades to the vessel’s navigation and life saving equipment. Waterborne Expeditions have ample experience in these matters and we can guide you though the entire certification process.

No matter what type of consulting services you require, our knowledge, integrity and hands-on experience guarantee improved quality and increased safety on board all your vessels.